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Purchase Protection

Add Purchase Protection and get a 100% refund of your purchase if a qualifying unforeseen circumstance prevents you from attending this event. Covers illness, injury, transportation problems, emergencies and more.*

For $1.00, I will get a refund for my purchase should I be prevented from attending the event due to a qualifying unforeseen circumstance. I agree to the Terms and Conditions
I understand that if I am prevented from attending the event because of an unforeseen circumstance I won’t get a refund of my purchase.

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Purchase Protection is a service offered by Purchase Protection LLC. Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. It is a service that will refund you 100% of your event fees, taxes and dues should you be prevented by unforeseen circumstances from attending the event. Purchase Protection does not apply to, and will not reimburse, merchandise purchases and charitable donations. Purchase Protection fees will be charged as a separate transaction. Any changes made to your order will not change the amount covered in this agreement.

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Please review terms before submitting application

Speaker Agreement Form 

This Speaker Agreement is valid from the effective date of this agreement until the completion of the services listed below. Speaker Applicant (hereafter referred to as the “Speaker”) will be a Speaker at the Organa Kannalytics, LLC/Southeastern Hemp and Medical Cannabis Convention (hereinafter Organa Kanna, LLC) to be held May 12-14th 2022 at The Cobb  Convention Centre in Atlanta, GA. Speakership is non-transferable and any substitutions must be authorized by Organa Kanna, LLC. All presentations should be sent electronically by May 1st  and brought to the conference on a usb drive to be provided to our A/V team at least one day prior to your presentation date. All presentations must be technical or medical in nature, and not commercial product pitches. 

Speaker agrees to: 

1. Complete Speaking address on May  13th or 14th, with a mutually agreed upon timing and speaking program. 

2. Permit use of name, photo, bio, abstract and/or quotes to use in promotional materials. 

3. Possible participation in a reasonable amount (1-3) of interviews, with interviewing entity subject to approval by Speaker. 

4. Warrant that the presentation remarks or materials do not infringe the intellectual property or publicity rights of any third party. 

5. Submit requested materials on time. 

6. Presentation possibly being filmed, recorded and/or photographed and used for marketing and educational purposes. 

7. Schedule and be financially responsible for their own travel and hotel book (hotel booking information). 

8. Know the duration of their presentation and stay on time, otherwise moderators reserve the right to end presentations that are over their allotted time. 

9. Speaker shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Cobb Galleria Convention Center, Organa Kanna, LLC, their Board of Directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from and against any and all loss, expense, damage, claim, demand, judgment, fine, charge, lien, liability, action, cause of action or proceedings of any kind whatsoever (whether arising on account of damage to or loss of property, or personal injury, emotional distress, or death) arising directly or indirectly in connection with the performance or activities of the Speaker hereunder, whether the same arises before or after completion of or expiration of this Agreement, except for damage, loss, or injury resulting from the Organa Kanna, LLC’s sole negligence or willful misconduct. 

10. Provide your own transportation to and from the conference as well as your own hotel accommodations. 

In accordance with this agreement, Organa Kanna, LLC/Southeastern Hemp and Medical Cannabis Convention agrees to: 

1. Provide reasonable audio-visual equipment. 

2. Promote Speaker’s participation. 

3. Provide a complimentary full-access registration to the 2022 Southeastern Hemp and Medical Cannabis Convention, as well as the ability to register one guest at 100% off. (Full-access, one-time use link to be provided.) Please note that this does not include access to the Pre-Conference Course May 12th, or any Conference luncheon. 


1. If either party wishes to cancel their booking, they must send notice by email to [email protected] and 

2. Speaker agrees to notify Organa Kannalytics, LLC immediately, in the event that an emergency should prevent Speaker from performing his speech at the Event. In the event the Speaker is unable to perform the Speech, Speaker will make good faith efforts to provide a substitute Speaker for the Presentation (but all substitutions MUST be approved by Organa Kanna, LLC). 

If selected to speak at this conference you are agreeing to these terms by submitting this application.

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